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The Ultimate 2023 Pizza Oven Buying Guide

The Ultimate 2023 Pizza Oven Buying Guide

The secret to making mouth-watering, homemade pizza lies in the oven, but not any random pizza oven can create the crisp, wood fired crust and bubbling cheese that dreams are made of. That's where we come in!

Whether you're an amateur pizza enthusiast or a seasoned pizzaiolo, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect pizza oven for your culinary adventures in 2023.

The first consideration to look is the type of Pizza Oven to create the perfect pizza

  • Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
  • Gas Pizza Ovens
  • Electric Pizza Ovens
  • Portable Pizza Ovens

Each type of Pizza Oven comes with its unique set of characteristics. Understanding each of them is the first step to knowing what type of Pizza Oven to buy

Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Loved for their undeniable charm and ability to capture the essence of authentic Italian pizza tradition. The smoky flavor from wood fired pizza oven makes them unmatched. A typical wood-fired pizza oven can reach temperatures often exceeding 800°F (430°C), making it ideal for pizza.

To create the perfect wood flavored pizza, the type of wood burned in the oven makes all the difference and not just any wood will do. Hardwood varieties like fruitwood, hickory, oak are great for their clean burn properties and great aroma, you don't want an oven full of ash after baking your pizza.

And once you're ready to make your first wood-fired pizza at home, this would help you do it like a seasoned pizzaiolo


Gas Pizza Ovens

Le Feu Gas Pizza Oven

If you're looking to balance convenience and flavor, then a Gas Pizza Oven is what you need. Using either propane or natural gas, these type of ovens heat up very quickly and can provide high levels of heat to give your pizza a crust!

Compared to wood-fired pizza oven, gas pizza ovens are relatively low maintenance with fewer parts to clean. Gas ovens preheat quickly and offer precise temperature control, allowing you to start cooking pizzas in no time.

While gas ovens offer flavor, they may not impart the same intense smokiness as wood-fired ovens.


Electric Pizza Ovens

Great for small spaces for those looking to have a fuss-free pizza making experience, easy to use with plug and play efficiency that helps you begin baking your pizzas really quickly.

Electric ovens may produce pizzas with a slightly different flavor profile compared to wood-fired or gas ovens and may not reach the extremely high temperatures achievable with them, which can affect crust texture and flavor.

Portable Pizza Ovens

These are perfect for an outdoor adventure or when you want to make pizzas on the go. They are compact, and perfect for outdoor parties, picnics, camping trips etc. They come in various types when it comes to their fuel source but the one unique thing about portable pizza ovens is that they can be carried about or rolled about.

  • Wood-Fired Portable Ovens: These ovens use wood pellets or small logs for fuel and replicate the wood-fired flavor you love.
  • Gas-Powered Portables: Gas-powered options are convenient and easy to use, with propane tanks providing the necessary fuel.
  • Electric Portable Ovens: Compact electric ovens are user-friendly and suitable for a variety of outdoor locations

While portable pizza ovens are usually smaller and have smaller cooking space sometimes, they are designed for rapid cooking, ensuring you won't have to wait long for your delicious pizzas.

Other Key Considerations

  • Budget: Pizza Ovens can cost anywhere from $700 to $6,000 depending on the size and quality of the oven. Its also important to consider the source of fuel when considering ongoing expenses for a pizza oven. From our expansive list of options here, you're sure to find one that ticks all your boxes
  • Space & Location: Wood fired pizza oven are typically large and electric pizza oven are better at fitting into small spaces, so depending on the size of your kitchen or backyard, you may need to choose an oven that fits your situation
  • Fuel SourceThe choice of fuel source can significantly impact your cooking experience. If you love the smoky aroma and flavor of wood-fired pizza, a wood-fired oven is the obvious choice. However, if convenience and quick preheating are your priorities, a gas or electric oven may be more suitable.

Look who's on their way to becoming a seasoned pizzaiolo! With everything you've learned in the comprehensive buying guide, sure we've made your pizza oven buying decision easier. Whether you're drawn to the smoky allure of a wood-fired oven, the convenience of gas or electric ovens, or the portability of a pizza oven on the go, you got the perfect oven waiting for you

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