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🌞Hot Summer Savings | Shop Now!
🌞Hot Summer Savings | Shop Now!

As a family-owned company, we take great pride in our commitment to serving our clients with the utmost honesty and transparency.

About Us

Who are we?

Hi, We are Princewill and Dera, a couple with a cooking obsession.

Our Story

Driven by our passion for preserving timeless cooking traditions, we embarked on a journey to share the thrill of outdoor cooking with everyone. This journey gave birth to Pizza Oven USA, a brand where outdoor cooking and modern innovation merge seamlessly.

Pizza dough kneaded with laughter, pies bubbling with secrets, and grills sizzling with the stories of countless meals—in my culture, outdoor cooking was an arena for culinary creativity, a celebration of togetherness fueled by fire and passion. We learned early that food, fire, and friendships are universal languages that everyone speaks and understands, no matter where they are in the world.

There's something about sitting outside in friendly weather, enjoying the calmness of nature, laughing your heart out with the people you care about, and munching on different flavors. We always wanted to make sure more people could experience this, and by building Pizza Oven USA, our dream turned into a reality.

Our Mission

Embarking on our initial venture into the world of pizza ovens and kitchen equipment was nothing short of transformative. The adventure and excitement, coupled with the satisfaction of creating new recipes, moved us to ensure this experience became part of our daily lives at home, and we bought our first wood-fired pizza oven.

As we invited family and friends to our home and they experienced the beauty of outdoor cooking and our home-made pizzas, more and more of them wanted to recreate the same vibe in their homes and soon wanted advice on their first pizza oven or outdoor kitchen Island. This made us realize that the desire for pizza ovens was more popular than we thought.

Slowly, our mission became clear to us: to spread this experience across homes in the United States. We strongly believe that society can be improved if the family unit stays strong and bonded through genuine age-long, time-tested traditions like family cookouts. So in 2023, Pizza Oven USA was born.

What We Offer

Every product at Pizza Oven USA is a testament to American craftsmanship. We partner with the most reputable suppliers to bring you expertly crafted goods built to last. Enjoy superior quality, unmatched durability, and peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive warranties.

We do not offer any Chinese or Asian-manufactured equipment, and all shipments are made inside the United States.

Our Customers

Our customers are anyone looking to enjoy the adventure of outdoor cooking, make amazing home-made pizzas, bring some luxurious, long-lasting equipment into their kitchen, and even more recently, business owners looking to save money on commercial kitchen equipment.

Whether they are looking to create a family sanctuary, gift a loved one, or upgrade their commercial kitchen equipment to improve profits, we're here to help them figure out just the right equipment to get.

Our business model

As an online-only retailer, we ship directly from our trusted suppliers, meaning your order zooms straight to your door in record time. No warehouse delays, just speed and convenience. Also, we care about the environment, so we ship directly from our suppliers, cutting down on unnecessary transportation and fuel emissions.

Pizza Oven USA is an authorized retailer for top-line brands like Empava Appliances, Kokomo Grills, Cal Flame, Forno Piombo, and so many others.