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The Best Pizza Oven Accessories for Perfect Homemade Pizza

The Best Pizza Oven Accessories for Perfect Homemade Pizza

A crisp, golden crust, bubbling cheese, and your favorite toppings dancing in harmony, straight from your pizza oven on a sunday afternoon with family and friends in the backyard. Picture perfect right?

But to truly master the art of pizza-making, you need more than just a great oven; you need the right accessories. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best pizza oven accessories that will help you create the perfect homemade pizza, every time.

1. The Pizza Peel

It can get messy pretty fast, making pizza without having a pizza peel. This flat, shovel-like tool not only helps you slide your pizza into the oven but also retrieve it with ease. When choosing the best pizza peel, here's what to look out for

  • Material: Wooden peels offer a traditional look and feel, while metal peels are durable and easy to clean.
  • Size: Ensure your peel is large enough to accommodate your pizza size.
  • Handle Length: To avoid getting burnt, a long handle keeps you at a safe distance from the hot oven.

2. The Pizza Stone

pizza stone

The key to getting that desirable crispy crust is a pizza stone. A good pizza stone retains moisture from the dough and properly distributes heat. It is typically made of cordierite or ceramic. To choose the finest ones; first, pick a stone that corresponds to the dimensions of your oven and for more reliable outcomes, thicker stones absorb heat better.

3. Pizza Oven Thermometer

Making sure you're cooking at the proper heat level requires a pizza oven thermometer. Observe the following:

Accuracy: Choose a thermometer that you can trust to provide accurate readings.
Type: Some thermometers are made for a certain kind of oven, so pick one that works with your pizza oven.
Ease of Use: Choose a thermometer that is simple to install and read.


4. A Pizza Cutter Wheel

Whether you like your pizza cut into 8 slices or 10, a pizza cutter wheel can make it happen pretty easy and simple

Before you shop one just make sure its;

- Sharp and has long-lasting stainless steel blades 
- Has an ergonomic handle and gives a secure grasp.
- A size that matches your pizza's dimensions


5. The Pizza Oven Brush

Keeping your pizza oven clean is vital for consistent results. A pizza oven brush helps remove ash and debris, ensuring proper airflow. Here's what to look for:

  • Bristles: Sturdy, heat-resistant bristles are a must.
  • Handle Length: A longer handle keeps you safe from the heat.
  • Build Quality: Invest in a durable brush for longevity.

8. The Right Pizza Pan

While a pizza stone is excellent for traditional pizza, pizza pans come in handy for different styles, such as deep-dish or pan pizzas. When choosing a pizza pan:

  • Material: Opt for materials like cast iron or non-stick for easy release.
  • Size and Depth: Choose the size and depth that match your pizza style.
  • Heat Resistance: Ensure the pan can withstand your oven's temperature.

9. The Flavor of Wood Chips

If you're using a wood-fired pizza oven, adding wood chips can infuse your pizza with delightful smoky flavors. Here's what to consider:

  • Wood Type: Different woods impart distinct flavors, but always default to hardwood for less ash and more flavor
  • Soaking: Soak wood chips before using them to prevent them from burning too quickly.
  • Placement: Place wood chips strategically in your oven for the desired smoky effect.

10. An Oven Cover

Protecting your pizza oven from the elements is essential for its longevity. An oven cover shields it from rain, dust, and debris. Consider:

  • Material: Choose a cover made from durable, weather-resistant material.
  • Size: Ensure the cover fits your oven's dimensions.
  • Fasteners: Look for covers with secure fasteners to prevent them from blowing away.

To master the art of homemade pizza, the right accessories are your best allies. From peels and stones to thermometers and brushes, these tools will help you craft the perfect pie every time. So, invest in quality pizza oven accessories, and get ready to savor the delicious results of your pizza-making adventures. With the right tools by your side, you'll be serving up pizza perfection that's sure to impress family and friends.

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